Enroll Your Kids in Our Golf Camps and Classes

A man swinging a golf club.

Golf Camps

Our golf camps are offered during most major school holiday breaks, including seasonal holidays and summer. Our camps feature half-day and full-day options and can accommodate everyone from our youngest Future Stars to our older advanced players. We have partnered with PGA Junior Golf Camps to offer first-in-class PGA instruction, ensuring your child learns from the best. Welcoming kids ages 4 – 17 and of all ability levels, your child will learn in a safe and supportive environment. Through the use of innovative teaching techniques designed to keep kids engaged and motivated, we cover golf’s fundamentals — we just do it in a way that ensures kids have fun! Kids are segmented into smaller groups for optimal learning and game development to take place. And with half-day, full-day, and FLEX options available…we’ve got you covered in finding a camp that is perfectly suited for you and your child’s schedule.

Junior Golf Classes

Offered Monday through Saturday, these classes help develop and fine-tune golf skills. Taught by certified PGA and LPGA professionals, the classes are available for all skill levels. The Future Stars program (ages 4 and 5) is four classes lasting 60 minutes each and costs $120, while regular junior classes (ages 5 through 18) are four classes lasting 90 minutes and cost $160.

A group of people playing golf.